Sunday, January 09, 2011

Constitutional Amendment - Please Vote Online!

This summer, Wellesley's Alumnae Association undertook an extensive review the class constitution and has urged classes to vote in a series of changes. The 2006 Executive Board has reviewed these changes, and is putting the proposed constitution to a class vote.

The main change would alter the Class of 2006's process for electing new officers. The proposed amendment would allow the nominating committee to select final candidates for the executive offices of the class. The current constitution stipulates that all officers, namely the slate selected by the nominating committee, "shall be elected at the class meeting at Reunion or at a special meeting called by the executive board."

Please take a minute to review and vote on the proposed changes here. It's survey monkey, so it only takes a second. Votes will be accepted for 30 days and 2/3 of total votes cast must favor the amendment for the new constitution to be adopted.

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