Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grilled Cheese for Good

One of my fondest memories of the dearly departed food service kitchen at Schneider was heading there after a long night day (and usually night) of studying at the library, and then running as quickly as possible from Knapp to Schneider to warm up with a grilled cheese croissant sandwich (and usually some warm Schneider fries.)

I was inevitably reminded of ol' Schneider a few weeks ago when I learned about an organization called Feel Good World. Feel Good World is a nonprofit that funds students at colleges across the country with money to start up campus delis. The proceeds from the delis (which often produce easy-to-make and sustainably supplied grilled cheese sandwiches) go to various organizations working for a sustainable end to global hunger. So you can hit the spot with a grilled cheese sandwich and help the world!


Cesca said...

I think everyone has their own signature Schneider meal...Mine was turkey, cheddar, and tomato on a pita. Although I was pretty partial to the burgers with the special Schneider sauce..

Kate Derrick said...

Ohh, the special Schneider sauce! That was the one thing that made me so sad when they closed Schneider- no more of the classic (and often greasy, because that's what made it good) sandwiches and snacks.

Anyone know exactly what was in the special Schneider sauce?