Friday, November 06, 2009

New York Times on Choosing a Women's College

There is a piece today on the New York Times blog The Choice written by a high school senior who is happily seeking out women's colleges (she briefly mentions Wellesley):

I'm interested to hear from other 2006ers- did you go to Wellesley because it was a women's college or despite the fact that it was a women's college? (Or maybe you didn't care either way and your main thought was "All you can eat ice cream and a lake? Count me in!") Leave your thoughts in the comments!

(Thank you to Katie Landise '06 for bringing the NYT piece to our attention!)

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Katherine said...

Thank you for posting this Kate! Out of all the colleges I got into, I simply liked Wellesley the best. My final decision was between a coed college and Wellesley; I just felt like Wellesley fit me better. Of course, it didn't hurt that Spring Open Campus was during such a beautiful time!