Friday, February 05, 2010

What Suits Her Fancy
How Kerry Wagner ’06 put $1000 to good use

When Kerry Wagner ’06, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, won $1000 from her company she found a simple way ease the stress of job interviews for some Wellesley students.

Kerry was one of 15 employees honored as a role model and leader in diversity among the bank's North and South American locations. The award came with $1000 to be donated to the organization of her choice. Through Wellesley’s Center for Work and Service, she expanded the center’s Suit Lending Program, which lets students borrow suits for job interviews.

“I think that the suit loan program helps to level the playing field and assure that each student can pursue any professional opportunity she wishes,” Kerry said. The donation has already made an impact – the closet now has 20 suits that are constantly being loaned out. There’s still a need for additional sizes, though -- especially petite ones. Kerry worked with two major clothing companies to get the suits at a discount price, but she says the CWS is looking for additional clothing connections and discounts.

President Kim Bottomly wrote in a note that she feels the suit project strengthens the CWS’s commitment to “providing our student body with the resources they need to translate their liberal arts education into action in the world."

Kerry is encouraging younger alumnae to donate because even a small donation can make a tangible difference for Wellesley students and “the opportunities they are able to confidently pursue.” If you’re interested in helping the Suit Lending Program, you can direct a gift through Wellesley’s Office for Resources or contact Irma Tryon ( with any connections to retailers.


Sarah Hope said...

Thanks for this post (and thanks Kerry!). I had forgotten about this program! Not to sound sappy and all, but I really do love Wellesley and its alums. :)

msmomo said...

You rock, Kerry!

Karyn said...

Thanks Kerry!